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Message to Law Enforcement Officials, Military, and Other Public Servants



United States Uniformed Services Oath of Office:

"I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God."

Officer Jack McLamb of Oathkeepers Talks About Martial Law:

Are you a sheriff, police officer, a member of the Military, the National Guard, a firefighter, or a veteran?

Are you feeling confused about the changes going on at your job? Are you frustrated with the way things are being done, and angry at the things you are being told you have to do? Are you uncomfortable with your job nowadays? Do you find it disturbing that you are seeing violations of the Constitution around you every day?

Go look at it and learn. Hopefully, you will join them. If you truly want to serve your country and the American People, that is exactly what you will do!

Here is the reason why you are so disoriented and frustrated:

America has been hijacked by corporate crooks and international bankers. You are part of a military and a prison industrial complex, a corrupt fascist corporate system, and a tool of the New World Order.  Learn about the Communist United Nations and its plan for a one world government (or "New World Order") here:

Our police in this country are being trained in riot control and urban combat by members of private military contracting companies (Blackwater-XE, Dyncorp, etc, etc), training intended to be used against the American People.

(Please see:

The administration and training of our law enforcement agencies has been taken over by DHS and by private mercenary contracting companies (hired military killers) that do not answer to the American People, nor are they bound by an oath to the US Constitution.

Have you ever heard of Rex 84, Operation Garden Plot, or Operation Cable Splicer? Are you aware of the FEMA camps and "emergency detention centers" being built in this country?

Please take a moment to read:

HR 645 - National Emergency Centers Act

FEMA NSPD 51/HSPD 20 Presidential Directive for Continuity of Government 

Rex 84 - Operation Garden Plot - Our Government's Plans for Us:

What is this?

Seattle Cops
Seattle Cops

Jeremy Scahill: Blackwater - Shadow Army

There is something very wrong with the fact that our government is paying private military contracting companies to train and administer our law enforcement and military. There is also something very wrong that the new "Department of Homeland Security" has been given so much power and authority to dictate to our local law enforcement agencies.

Have you not noticed how DHS is taking over your police department? You have undoubtedly been obligated to participate in training from this organization. What did it consist of? Perhaps it was riot control, urban combat, and how to transport citizens to another location? Was it perhaps ever suggested that your agency should come up with a plan to provide for mass deaths by a pandemic or other catastrophe? Have you never wondered about this?

Ask yourself this one question: Who does the DHS answer to?
And then answer this question: What oath do they take?

Perhaps you are now beginning to see what is wrong with this picture.

Although I know you are probably already aware of this, please see examples of how DHS has infiltrated our law enforcement agencies here: and here: and here:

Why? Did you ever wonder why it is ok for our government to use a private army like Blackwater/Xe Services, which is not responsible to the American People themselves?

Hitler used to have his own private army, too.

Are you also wondering why it's now common for the Military to be deployed in civilian scenarios even though the Posse Comitatus Act prohibits it?

Who authorized it? Did we?

Are you aware of this bill recently signed into law by Pres. Obama?

Obama Establishes Council of Governors Via Executive Order: “Synchronization and Integration of State and Federal Military Activities in the United States

Are you working to please the organization you are employed by, or are you working for the American People? Where are your priorities? Are they with the corrupt system you work for, or are they with the people you are supposed to protect?

Here is a frightening thing to think about:

The USA has 5% of the world's population, but 25% of the world's prison population. We have the largest prison population of any other country in the world, even more than China, the biggest communist country in the world, or Russia.

Why is that?

Has everyone suddenly gone nuts and everyone is a criminal now? Hardly plausible. Though there have always been criminals, not everyone has suddenly turned into a terrible dangerous crook. What has changed is not the people, but the system itself.

Our federal government has infiltrated itself into every aspect of private civilian life, limiting, regulating, fining, taxing, spying on, and regimenting every possible area of our lives. The DHS has gone so far as to say that all Americans who believe in the Second Coming of Jesus, defend the Constitution, and like Ron Paul, are terrorists! And are warning law enforcement officials to "be on the look out" for these people.

Here's another question for you: Do YOU believe that Jesus is coming back and that the US Constitution should be defended?

Here is what your government thinks of those of us who believe in Jesus and the Constitution:

Campaign for Liberty: You are now considered a terrorist!

They want to tell us where to walk, what to eat and drink, whether or not we can smoke, what we can say, what we can read, what we can believe in, and where we can go, etc, etc. They even want to tell us how to grow our gardens, and what nutritional supplements we can use!

Please investigate HR 875 and how the government will control your food supply.
And learn about S 3002, John McCain's disgustingly stupid nutritional supplement bill 


Especially egregious are the abuses resulting from the "War on Drugs", which is a failed war. It is absurd to make plants "illegal". The only reason it's being done is to harvest more inmate "fodder" for the jail and prison populations, so the private corporations which now run all our jails and prisons can make more money off the misery of already vulnerable addicts who are not able to defend themselves. Using a substance of choice in private does not constitute a menace to society, nor are these people "dangerous criminals" who deserve to have their entire lives, families, and livelihoods destroyed.

The "War on Drugs" has not deterred substance abuse in the slightest, nor has it stopped the flow of drugs on our streets. The only thing it has done is cost us all hundreds of billions of dollars and cut a wide swath of social destruction.

Roughly 85% of all those in prisons have committed no violent crime. Entire families and lives have been destroyed because of what they choose to ingest or smoke, or because of minor crimes. All of us have been affected by the destruction - we all know someone, or have someone we are close to, who is in prison and whose lives and families have been destroyed forever.

There is no justice anymore in the courts. It does not matter if you are innocent or guilty anymore. If you are innocent, there is no way you can prove it. It's all "Let's Make a Deal", with people forced to plead guilty just so they can get out of jail and go home. You are damned if you do, and damned if you don't.

Our jails and prisons are run by corporations whose only interest is profit, and are cesspools of medical neglect, privation, and brutal abuse. It is no secret anymore.

We all know that people unlucky enough to be sent to jail or prison are subjected to heinous deprivation, lack of medical attention, degradation, physical, mental, and verbal abuse, torture and beatings, and are treated worse than animals. There is no "rehabilitation" nor any help for these people. There is only a nightmare of abuse and degradation. And when they finally get released, their lives are over and destroyed forever. They can no longer get any job, and they can no longer find a home to rent, because a criminal record found in the background checks required before we can do anything at all anymore nowadays prevents them from reintegration back into society. So they end up homeless, thrown into the streets, where they are obligated to commit more crimes just to survive.

We can no longer count on law enforcement officials to protect us. On the contrary, every day we are treated to new images of police officers tasing and killing young children, little old ladies, and helpless people in wheelchairs, or tasing people who don't jump fast enough or high enough, who don't answer a question fast enough. Or if they are not tasing people for the slightest provocation, then they are beating the hell out of little kids, women, and people who are handcuffed or in wheelchairs, and can not defend themselves. And male officers are even forcefully strip-searching female prisoners!

Are you aware that the United States locks up babies and children in prisons in Taylor, Texas, as well as at many other detention centers in the United States? Yes, it's true - they do.

Look here: "The United States Locks Babies Up In Prisons"

What is going on, anyway? How can you justify these atrocious violations?

I recently read an article written by a law enforcement officer, who complained because his superior ordered them to stand down and not stop and search people in a certain 4 block area, and he was angry because he "couldn't arrest more people" and "make more money for the city".

What are you people planning on doing? Stopping everybody you see and strip-searching them and running them through the database to see if they have warrants? Pulling over every car in America to see if papers are in order and there are no "illegal" materials in their cars? Are you going to keep going until you have put every American in jail?

C'mon, man! If you are not seeing a crime in progress, or called to help a victim, or for some other emergency, then you have no business detaining people, searching, and harassing them.

I guess charging everybody with needless drug-related or other non-violent "felonies" is one way of disarming America, isn't it? All those harmless weed-smokers who have felonies on their records are no longer able to possess a firearm, are they? How will they be able to defend themselves in a national emergency or if our government turns on us?

Think about it...

This is America. We have rights!!!

Being able to walk down the street without being harassed by the bullies in blue is one of them. Being free from illegal searches and seizures is another one. The right to not have our property seized and stolen from us is another. Or how about the rights to freedom of speech, and the right to freely and peaceably assemble, and to petition the government for redress? How about the Posse Comitatus Act, which prevents the US Government from using the Military against its own citizens?

And what about the right to be free from abuse and torture, and from illegal surveillance? The right to Habeas Corpus and the right to legal representation, which have been severely hampered by the Patriot Act.

Please refresh your memory by reading the US Constitution

You have forgotten who you work for. You work for the American People. And the American People want you to protect and uphold the US Constitution. We want you to protect and uphold the US Constitution so badly and so fervently, that for only the third time ever in the history of the United States, we have organized a convention of the Continental Congress to ensure that this is done.

What Do Iraq War Veterans Think?

The following video by Iraq War Veteran Mike Pryzner pretty much sums it all up beautifully. I urge you to listen to what he has to say about the Iraq War and our government. Even if you don't watch any of the other videos here, please do watch this one.

You can learn more about the "Winter Soldier Testimonies" at Iraq Veterans Against the War at:

War Veteran - Mike Prysner: Soldiers Are Now Seeing The Light!

Oathkeepers: We Will Not Obey!

The County Sheriff: America's Last Hope

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